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This is an excellent opportunity for passionate athletes who love creating content on social media and share our brand's values and vision. As a member of our squad, you will get access to exclusive discounts, free gear, and even earn commissions on sales made through your personalized referral code. Let's join forces and represent Innerforce while creating amazing content together. Unleash your inner force and let's achieve greatness together!

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Program Benefits

Refer & Earn

Share your unique referral code and earn 10% of each sale made through it as store credit.

Collaborate with like-minded athlete creators

Join our community of talented and passionate content creators and get the opportunity to collaborate with others who share your interests and values.

Build your personal brand

Being an Innerforce influencer can help you build your personal brand and increase your visibility on social media, which can lead to more followers, collaborations, and opportunities in the future.

Co-create our next gen gear

Join our Forward Program and work with us to co-create our future line-up of products that's centered on your need!

Free Gear and Exclusive Deals

Receive free gear, enjoy a 35% discount on custom kits and have access to partner deals.

Be Front and Center

Get featured in Innerforce advertising campaigns and promotional materials and become the star of the show!
innerforce partner


* Passionate Athletes: We are looking for athletes who share our brand values and vision and are passionate about their sport.

* Engaging Audiovisual Content: We're looking for ambassadors who have the ability to create compelling audiovisual content, with a particular focus on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

* Active and Engaged: As an ambassador, you should have an active and engaged social media presence in the sports and fitness community. We value athletes who have built a loyal following through their unique perspectives, inspiring content, and meaningful interactions with their audience.

* Brand Ambassadors: You should be familiar with our brand and not currently sponsored by any other gear brand during the duration of the agreement with Innerforce.

* Community Leaders: We want natural community leaders who interact with their followers and care about their well-being.

* Creative Thinkers: We value creative minds who are not afraid to propose new and innovative ideas and push the boundaries.


* Brand Exclusivity: We expect our ambassadors to sign an exclusivity agreement with Innerforce.

* Brand Promotion: Add Innerforce as a sponsored brand in your bios and share your referral code to promote our brand, products, and services.

* Active Engagement: We request that you interact with our brand on social media at least twice a week, by posting stories, reels, or regular posts.

* Content Creation: We value your creativity and expect you to generate content for our brand as requested.

* Product Feedback: We highly appreciate your feedback on our products and expect you to become a brand expert.

* Reporting Metrics: You'll report metrics on posts, views, and other relevant information related to posts about our brand.

innerforce partner


Are you ready to join our Innerforce Social Squad and take your content creation to the next level? Apply now and become part of our exclusive team of ambassadors! We'll review your application and get back to you soon. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Personal Info

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We're looking for active athletes with a strong social media presence who share our values and vision.
It's easy! Just fill out our application form on the website, and we'll get back to you within a few weeks.
The agreement with our Innerforce Social Squad is for 12 months and can be renewed after the initial period.
No, we expect our squad members to be exclusive to our brand and not promote other gear brands during the agreement period.
We'll notify you by email within a few weeks of receiving your application.
We expect our squad members to interact with our brand on social media at least twice a week and to create content for us as requested.
Yes, you can apply as long as your agreement with the other brand doesn't conflict with ours.
While we don't offer a salary, you'll receive commissions on sales made through your referral code.
While we don't have a strict minimum follower requirement, we're looking for athletes with a strong and engaged social media presence.
For any other questions please contact us at
innerforce partner
innerforce partner
innerforce partner
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