We Believe In The Power of Sports

Marina Carvalho
Jan 12, 2021

For us, “sport” does not mean only achieving the gold medal nor being better than anyone else. Sport means challenging yourself or what you first thought were your limits. It means silencing the inner critic that tells you that you are weak.   1% better every day This is not only a brand slogan. It’s a way of facing life, a way of waking up each day. When it comes to sports, choosing to run in the pouring rain when you could have stayed cuddled up in bed, adding one more song to your workout playlist, are different ways of finding...

This is our reason to exist, our purpose

If the year 2020 teaches us anything, it is that our world needs us to do better. We need to...

Juan Lopez Salaberry | Jan 05, 2021

Our journey towards becoming Climate Neutral

About us Innerforce was born with one vision: to connect with passionate people who genuinely believe in sports’ power to...

Marina Carvalho | Dec 14, 2020

Virtual Racing

The last few months have been challenging for many of us in a variety of ways. I had no idea...

Marina Carvalho | Jun 15, 2020

Protein Recommendations in Endurance Sports

Nutrition, in my opinion, is the most important part of any endurance sport. Without proper fueling and hydration, training adaptations...

Marina Carvalho | Jun 09, 2020

Beginners Guide to Periodization

Endurance sports, for most people, are pretty daunting even just to consider. For those of us who have chosen to...

Marina Carvalho | Jun 09, 2020

Lactate Threshold Testing for Beginners

With the New Year behind us, many of us are either getting back into our respective training plans and programs...

Marina Carvalho | Mar 25, 2020
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