What is a Brick Workout? Triathlon Training Technique Explained

Mar 14, 2019

If you are part of the triathlon scene, then you are likely to be acquainted with the brick workout. But for those at the beginning stages of their triathlon journey, the term may be a bit confusing.


The “brick workout” is the basic training session that prepares you for the real event. If you incorporate the workout in your daily regime, nothing can stop you from crossing the finish line. The workout will help you build endurance and strength that will aid in mastering the transitioning from one sport to the other.


So, what is a brick workout? It is a combination of at least two of the triathlon sports in a single workout session without taking a break in-between. The workout is the most effective exercise routine to do to get you ready for the race. The primary purpose of a brick workout is to make sure you smoothly transition from one sport to the next without feeling exhausted or unsteady.


Here’s everything about brick training you ought to know.


Train Your Mind And Body

Switching between physical tasks is always a tricky task for both the brain and body. The initial steps may seem exhausting, so to help you get through the situation, brick training comes into the picture.


As the common saying goes: “practice makes perfect”. The same applies to the principles behind triathlon training. Now that you know what a brick workout is, here are the guidelines to consider:


1. You must be capable of covering the two triathlon disciplines for a specified distance.

2. The distance you choose should gradually increase, i.e., initially keep the training distances short, and then gradually expand your distance and workout potential.

3. If you are aiming to create a base, or you are a weight loss enthusiast, the idea should be to keep your distances shorter and your repeats frequent.

4. If you are entirely new to the concept of brick workout, start with warm-up sessions such as walking and jogging activities.



        What Brick Combination Is The Best?

        There are three sports in a triathlon: swimming, cycling, and running. The brick combinations could be swim/cycling or cycling/running. The former is considered challenging owing to how much time is wasted from getting on the bike, after the swim. Thus, what would be the best fit for the brick workout is the cycling/running combination owing to the least amount of effort required for the transition.


        Do you know where the beauty of the brick workout lies? Learning the art of time management. The little time gap between the transitions can be the deciding factor to your win. So if you learn to close the gap and learn to manage time, it could be you leaving your rivals in your wake.


        The Right Way To Do It

        The best way to accompany the brick workout is to include a cycling session of about an hour and then continue to run for another 10 to 15 minutes. If you are an amateur, you could indulge in the practice at least once a week.


        On the other hand, when you feel you are getting comfortable, give the swim/cycling brick workout a try, too. How could you start? Try a 400-meter swim, get out of the water, wear your cycling shoes, take off the swimming goggles, and get on the bike for about 15 minutes.


        The brick workout may look extremely difficult initially, but with time and practice, it will get much easier.



        Wrapping Up

        A brick workout is the best training method that could boost your strength and endurance. Be it body and mind training or learning the art of time management, the brick workout covers it all. If you are hesitant and think that it is impossible, don’t let anything stop you. Stay positive and stay confident and you are already halfway there.


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