We Believe In The Power of Sports

Jan 12, 2021

For us, “sport” does not mean only achieving the gold medal nor being better than anyone else. Sport means challenging yourself or what you first thought were your limits. It means silencing the inner critic that tells you that you are weak.


1% better every day

This is not only a brand slogan. It’s a way of facing life, a way of waking up each day. When it comes to sports, choosing to run in the pouring rain when you could have stayed cuddled up in bed, adding one more song to your workout playlist, are different ways of finding your innerforce and being 1% better every day. 


This particular way of living is visible in every athlete representing Innerforce in our Team. It’s not just a group of people who are part of a brand. It’s a family; we aim to support them but also to build connections by sharing stories and experiences creating something bigger than ourselves.


Team Innerforce initiatives

We set up initiatives as a Team for the entire year regarding staying active, achieving individual goals, and connecting with other team members to get to know them and their experiences. 


As for social and environmental matters, we are working to increase awareness by preparing webinars with valuable information to improve training sessions. We will offer different ways to fundraise for our year-long commitment with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and also share valuable tips on how to lead a more sustainable life along with all the environmental changes we are applying.


Once you get involved with sports, you realize that it’s not only about winning, it’s about challenging your limits. 


It’s a way to find out what you’re capable of.


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