The Innerforce Foundation

Jan 31, 2022

If there are any takeaways from 2021 it is that we can't control what we can't control but there's plenty we can do to make the most out of the circumstances we are in. 
One of the prevailing thoughts during this past year was "how can we have a bigger impact?". To address this, Innerforce partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in fundraising support. Our hope was to emphasize the importance of mental health during our current, challenging times. While we, as a community, raised nearly $10,000, we want to heighten our efforts further to have an even greater impact. In the year ahead, we want to bring together our sport(s) and allow the many benefits of involvement to transpire in our broader communities. To make it fun, to support athletes, and to provide tools for the youth to become empowered and thrive.
To make it possible, we began a journey of uncertainty and illusions which today has a name and a life of its own: Innerforce Foundation. A bold social effort, where we can catalyze our mission/values to make them larger and broader. In the words of the Managing Director of the Innerforce Foundation, Matthew Bonn: “We hope to empower, challenge and inspire youth and adults to become what they thought impossible. Finding your inspiration and motivation can be both elusive and fleeting, but reaching outside of yourself and finding what drives you can make all the difference. This is what Innerforce Foundation is all about.”
The foundation will work on 5 areas that we are proud of and that we will support to see come true: 

The Innerforce Foundation Team, composed of Professional and Elite Age Group athletes who represent the ideals of Innerforce and are committed to sharing their stories and success with future generations of rising athletes.



Aspiring Athletes Project to support underfunded endurance athletes in their journey to compete on the world’s biggest stage in order to empower and inspire their communities.

Innerforce Foundation Youth to provide funding to families and grassroots organizations (nonprofits, community centers and local schools) who lack the resources to pay for youth to participate in endurance sports.

Together is Better to bring the opportunity to participate in endurance sports to everyone regardless of their race, gender, zip code or socioeconomic status. This quietly started in 2021, through a high school pilot and will continue through new iterations to maximize impact.

Special Opportunities to allow for like-minded organizations to gain support and a partnership. Since 2019, Innerforce collaborates with Les Mustaches, a charity ride that donates bicycles to adults and kids in South Africa through the Qhubeka foundation.

We are excited about adding new concepts in programming that will increase the scope of youth and professional athlete services. All of which brings positive change to the communities where we work and live.
We are excited to share this launch with the whole multisport community and are looking forward to hearing from you, gather your support and thoughts, and most importantly take this next step together.


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