Our logo explained: how we built our new brand identity

Jan 06, 2021

Our journey began in 2018 when we were just getting to connect with our market with essential and basic communication. As the audience responded to our message, we realized it was time for a bigger change. We needed to take a step out of our comfort zone.


Like everything we do, we started this transformation with a reason to exist, our purpose. Once we cleared our mindset and redefined what we wanted Innerforce to communicate, we reached out to a creative agency to help us manifest what we wanted to say. 


Our brand is built on bold and powerful elements. When you have your Innerforce on, you’ll know you can achieve anything you want. We believe in sports’ power to change the world.



Our journey


The creative process started with a Brand Sprint, basically a workshop where we worked together with the agency on different ways to settle our “abstract brand” into something more real.


We redefined our values, and what we wanted Innerforce to represent, we analyzed the path we wanted to take a short-, medium- and long-term. We also answered some questions such as: What? How? Why? So finally we were able to choose the communication tone and understand what we wanted on a visual and esthetic level.


Once we finished the workshop, we started working on the mood board with ideas and references using Pinterest, Behance, and everything the internet could give us. We gathered it all together in Miro and once we arrived there, a lot of different paths emerged.



Innerforce Logo




A lightning bolt that keeps you on track


Innerforce embodies the idea of being 1% better every day. It's not about being better than anyone else but surpassing yourself. It’s about finding that innerforce that helps each one of us get through obstacles.


Our logo is the thunderbolt. It conveys movement, power, and energy. It’s the goosebumps you get during the swim start. It’s the rush of energy and fulfillment that radiates from within your body when you toe the finish line.


With a slight tilt towards the right, we reinforce the idea of velocity and movement. We are expressive and modern without losing athletic elegance with an accent and background colors. Black and white build the perfect palette to drive consistency across all our communication while being flexible and dynamic.


Team Innerforce


We dedicated a couple of days on doing research and analyzing how other brands work when it comes to teams. We needed something strong and easy to recognize. We went with a circle, with the lightning inside to achieve the idea of teamwork, collaboration, assistance, training, and everything a team makes you feel.



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