Our journey towards becoming Climate Neutral

Dec 14, 2020

About us

Innerforce was born with one vision: to connect with passionate people who genuinely believe in sports’ power to change the world. We can be superheroes when living a passionate and responsible life through production and consumption. The sum of our individual actions can and will change our reality.


Everything we make, buy, and sell leaves a carbon trail.


Becoming… what?

By becoming Climate Neutral, we are taking on the responsibility of achieving zero net carbon emissions. 


As we embraced full remote work in 2020, we also took an important decision and became climate neutral as an organization. This means that as a team, we measured and offset our 2020 emissions. As remote workers, we decided to combine both our personal and work emissions in one bucket. After all, as with our business, we are certain that how we live is as important as what we do.


But we are also aware that there is a bigger issue we need to deal with as producers of apparel. The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply. 85% of all textiles go into landfills each year. So starting in 2021, we are partnering with Climate Neutral, a leading independent non-profit, to certify Innerforce alongside some amazing brands.


We will be measuring our current carbon footprint, establish a roadmap for reductions, and compensate all our unavoidable emissions. We are eliminating single-use plastics from our business, testing and sourcing the most sustainable materials in the market, and consolidating manufacturing as some of our most urgent goals. We sure aren’t just looking the other way - we are committed and passionate about doing things better.



Black Climate Neutral Logo


“Transforming Innerforce into a conscious and more sustainable business is our commitment to you and our planet. As we unveil a new look, we are working on fundamental changes with a focus on our planet and its people. Our vision is now more important than ever.” - Juan López Salaberry, our CEO & Founder.


We are all in this together!

Climate Neutral gathers many brands in the fashion industry willing to make a difference in this world. So we want to thank them and congratulate them on taking that first step. Together we can leverage our network for exponential impact. 


Climate Neutral committed brands listed

Going climate neutral means joining a worldwide movement towards making positive change for the planet and community.


About Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral is a non-profit organization working to enlist companies and consumers to fight against climate change by helping measure, reduce, and offset their entire carbon footprint. Climate Neutral's label empowers environmentally conscious consumerism.


To learn more, visit


We are only getting started, but don't leave it all to us! You have a vital role to play.


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