More Than Fabric: A Collection with Purpose

Dec 05, 2023

In the realm of sports, where every heartbeat becomes a chapter in an athlete's unique story, we find Marci Goldberg's extraordinary journey. Her narrative, woven with threads of dedication, faced challenges head-on, and celebrated triumphs, unfolds beyond mere finish lines. Today, we feel privileged to share this tale—a narrative that not only transcends the boundaries of sportswear but also marks a new chapter in our brand's life, one dedicated to amplifying athletes' voices.


Connecting Through Passion: A Journey Sparked on Instagram


We reached out to Marci through Instagram, a platform where we consistently connect with passionate athletes, all sharing a simple goal: to meet individuals deeply dedicated to their sports. As our collaboration unfolded, we discovered in Marci a person not only kind but also profoundly committed to her athletic journey, with a heartfelt desire—to express her authentic self through a custom kit. Together, we embarked on the creative process, refining drafts and making adjustments until we crafted a design that fully captured and represented her vision.


"I was overcome with joy upon receiving the final product; it surpassed my expectations from the moment I began working on it. As the package from Innerforce arrived at my doorstep, I eagerly tried on the run tank and then settled into the tri kit on the couch for over an hour, utterly amazed. This memorable moment occurred on a day off from training, making the arrival of my gear even more special."


Marci's Journey: A Symphony of Determination and Authenticity


Marci's athletic journey ignited in 1993 when, at the age of 9, she dove into the competitive realm of swimming. What initially began as a shared pursuit with her fraternal twin sister burgeoned into a lifelong love affair with swimming, cycling, and running. Throughout summer leagues, year-round club memberships, and high school teams, Marci's unwavering commitment to the sport became the cornerstone of her journey.


In defying the conventional mold of an athlete, Marci's brilliance shines in her unwavering determination. Each medal she proudly wears tells a story—whether crossing finish lines within cutoff times or conquering the unique challenges each race presents. Her journey is a testament that every race is a victory, a celebration of tenacity and resilience.


However, Marci's relationship with sports goes beyond the physical—it's a profound journey of self-discovery and acceptance. In 2019, she fearlessly embraced her identity as a member of the LGBTQ community. The challenges within this newfound community became a wellspring of inspiration for everyone. 


In Marci's words, "This custom design allows me to have a sense of belonging in both communities." Her journey encapsulates the essence of determination, resilience, and self-discovery—a narrative that transcends the boundaries of sports, resonating with athletes and individuals alike.


Beyond Apparel: A Canvas for Individual Stories


This collection isn't confined to the realm of clothing; it's a canvas for individual stories—a medium to express one's unique identity. Marci's design emerges as a symbol of inclusivity, urging athletes to proudly embrace their uniqueness. It's a powerful statement that transcends the boundaries of sportswear, resonating not just with the LGBTQ community but with all athletes who understand the profound language of self-expression.


In sharing Marci's journey, we invite you to explore more than just a collection. Join us in celebrating the emotions, the determination, and the triumphs that make each athlete's story a unique masterpiece.




It is Marci's sincere wish that these designs hold significance not only for her but for all of you. If you're eager to make them a part of your journey, make sure to explore the collection in our store, available only until December 17th.



Select an item and let us show you just how incredible custom apparel can be, absolutely free.



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