Justin Lippert Wears Innerforce Gear on USAT Magazine Cover

May 06, 2019

Innerforce is delighted to see our close friend Justin Lippert deservedly make it on to the front cover of USA Triathlon’s Spring magazine as one of USAT’s ‘Athletes of the Year’ - and wearing his custom Innerforce gear, no less!


Justin, 23, was named USA Triathlon’s Male Age Group Triathlete of the year following an outstanding 2018, which included becoming the first man ever to win both the Olympic- and short-distance races at the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships. Justin also won a third national title over the long course in Miami in November.


One of the first things you will notice on the cover image (apart from the awesome, custom made Innerforce-designed trisuit of course!) are the words written on Justin’s chest: ‘Full Send’ - his motto, his attitude – to triathlon and life in general – and the name of his triathlon group.




Justin Lippert on USA TRIATHLON 


“For me, ‘full send’ is going so hard that your brain thinks you’re not going to be able to make it to the finish, but you will,” Justin says in his feature interview with USA Triathlon. “When you’re sending it, you’re not thinking about the consequences. You’re thinking about going your hardest, right here, right now.”


It is this all-in attitude that has formed the foundations of Justin’s Full Send Triathlon community, which, as he wrote on the Full Send Triathlon website, “values family, sportsmanship, and competition above all else.


“We want to be the best version of ourselves and compete against the best in the sport in a fair competition to see who is the best on the day. But win or lose, we are going to be the ones out there having the most fun - at any level of the sport.”


Innerforce’s relationship with Justin and his team began in November 2018 when our CEO, Juan Lopez Salaberry, competed in the same race and afterwards reached out to congratulate Justin on his outstanding performance. We naturally jumped at the opportunity to support and work with Justin and his amazing team.



Since then, Justin and his crew have become valued friends and clients of Innerforce, and we are really enjoying the refreshing impact they are making on the American triathlon scene.


It may surprise some given Justin’s current standing within the triathlon community, but he only competed in his first race in the summer of 2016 when at Clemson University.


After being impressed by the “crazy” atmosphere of race day when he went to support friend Jack Felix in the spring of 2016, Justin – who was on the cross-country team at Clemson – competed in his first triathlon a few months later.


In the three years that have followed, Justin has won three national championships and qualified for his Pro Card (he does plan to race professionally in the future) – all while “having a grand old time”, which includes racing in a pink watermelon Speedo!


To learn more about Justin, his unique approach to triathlon, and his ‘Full Send’ ethos (as well as pics in his Innerforce jersey!) be sure to check out his interview in the latest USA Triathlon magazine.


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