A protein packed breakfast: Coconut and chia

Apr 05, 2019
Natia Van Heerden
All things food and triathlon. I am a qualified professional chef and an professional triathlete. Cooking easy, healthy food and fueling my journey one dish at a time.

A protein packed breakfast, that could be mistaken for dessert it’s so good!
I absolutely love this breakfast in the hot summer months ( which I am really missing right now). 

After my morning runs, I always look forward to refueling with this breakfast as it has protein from the chia seeds, fats from the nut butter and carbs from the fruit and granola.

Here’s what you’ll need:


- 5 tbsp chia seeds
- 10 tbsp coconut milk
- 1 tsp honey
- ½ mango, sliced
- 3 tbsp Greek yoghurt 
- 1 tbsp nut butter
- ½ cup granola
- Fresh berries

I soak the chia seeds in coconut milk with a teaspoon of raw honey overnight so that the seeds plump up and it thickens the milk. The reason for using coconut milk is simply because I love the taste, but of course it is a great lactose substitute. 

I then add sliced fresh mango ( you can use any fruit), macadamia butter, and granola.


 Tip: try adding a vegan sugar-free nut milk soft serve ( like mine pictured). It’s incredible!

 Tip: try adding a vegan sugar-free nut milk soft serve ( like mine pictured). It’s incredible!

Another variation would be to add plain Greek yogurt instead of the soft serve. 

Finally, top it off with fresh seasonal berries and you’re good to go!


Written by

Natia Van Heerden


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