5 Tips To Prepare For Race Day From Professional Triathletes

Jun 11, 2021
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Sometimes all you need is a little kick in the butt from someone who’s been in your shoes before. That’s exactly what these three professional triathletes have to offer. In an interview with Triathlete.com, each of these professionals offer their best piece of advice for being successful in the sport.


Ben Hoffman


American professional triathlete from Colorado, Ben Hoffman is a 7-time IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 champion, and he placed 4th place in the IRONMAN World Championships in 2016 and 2019. Here’s Ben advice for finding success in the sport of triathlon:

“Something will probably go wrong according to your plan. Put that behind you and think about the best decision you could make in that moment movingani Herce forward.”

This advice couldn’t be more spot on. There will always be things outside of your control during a race or training session. Dwelling on it won’t change anything. Instead, accept it and move past it. 


Linsey Corbin


Linsey Corbin is a professional triathlete, Ironman Champion, and American record holder. Not only is she an eight-time IRONMAN Champion, but she’s also achieved top American honors in IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events. 
In 2014 Linsey also set an American Ironman record and clocked the 5th fastest time in triathlon history. A 14 year veteran of the sport, Linsey offers her best training advice:

“You can look at training a few different ways — obviously there is swim, bike and run training, which we’re all aware of — but I think you can also train things like nutrition. But the biggest thing I train is my mind. Your mind is really trainable to overcome adversity, particularly in an Ironman, where you’re dealt with a lot of problem solving. You can train your mind to embrace those challenges, and I think that leads to success. All things are trainable.”

As much as triathlon is physical, it’s equally a mental sport. To succeed, both your body and your mind need to be properly trained. When starting your next training session or workout, focus on using the time to build your mental fortitude and strength so you’re ready to overcome the adversity when it inevitably comes. 


Tim O’Donnell


Tim O’Donnell is one of the most successful and experienced long-course triathletes in the world. Not only has he has earned 50+ podium finishes, including more than 22 wins at major events, but before becoming a professional triathlete, he attended the United States Naval Academy.

At the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, Tim has finished 3rd (2015), 5th (2013), 6th (2016), and 8th (2012). Tim O’Donnell is perhaps one of the most decorated and influential athletes in the history of the sport.

“The sport’s all about consistency; there’s not one workout that’s going to make you an unbelievable athlete. It’s what you consistently do over weeks, months and years of training and staying injury-free, healthy and happy, too. If you’re happy you’re going to race well.”

Consistency over the long term is the key to success in any sport. Incredible fitness isn’t built over days or weeks — it’s built over months and years. Focus on building long-term fitness, enjoy the process, and you’ll see incredible results.


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